Twist Therapy

Human body is governed by spiral energy system present in each cell in the form of basic structure of DNA/RNA embedded therein all the aspects of well-being and health. Any distortions in these basic building blocks results in weakening of spiral energy in affected body part or organs resulting into imbalance of energy and leading to creation of disease. To activate the spiral energy system in human body, Prof. Park Jae Woo has developed a very potent Twist Therapy.

            Twist Theory is based on the fundamental Theory of Triorigin introduced by Professor Park Jae Woo. The Tri-Origin model order describes the interaction of the four forces—Neuto, Hetero, Homo and Neutro that participate in all the phenomena of this universe. Human body being a Mini Cosmos, thereby being governed by the fundamental Triorigin forces. Each of these forces is responsible for a certain kind of motion: Neuto for natural movements, Hetero for expending movements, Homo for bending and contracting movements and Neutro for spiral twisting and rotary movements. The development of a disease implies that the harmonizing Neutro force was not sufficient to maintain health. Hence, Neutro movements of body parts are the basis for Twist therapy. Twist motions in hands, feet and head form the core of Twist therapy as they interact with the corresponding parts of the body. Twist Therapy is instinctive, easy to perform and instantly effective. The method is absolutely safe, unencumbered by any age-related restrictions and is cost effective. Twist therapy is capable of treating and curing both sudden onset of pains in any part of the body as in the case of injuries and chronic diseases too, many of which can hardly be treated by modern medicine. Even emotional disorders such as stress, anxiety, sadness or fear can be treated by twisting motions of the neck and chest. Twisting the spinal column clears the mind, gives a cheerful feeling and removes fatigue and strain. Inasmuch as Twist movements by themselves can be used as an independent method for the prevention and treatment of diseases.