Hormones Imbalance

Hormones are body’s chemical messengers released by endocrine glands. Hormonal balance is essential for the efficiency of our immune system and other vital bodily functions. Hormonal imbalances are more common among women due to Estrogen Dominance among others. Excess Estrogen means presence of more estrogen as compared Progesterone in the body. Ageing naturally results in hormonal imbalance among men, as menopause among women.

Lifestyle Changes required for Hormonal Imbalance

Lifestyle changes is the answer to fight symptoms of hormonal imbalance. Various modalities for stress avoidance such as yoga, meditation, regular exercise as well as balanced diet will go a long way to maintain the healthy balance of hormones. Our recommendations are:

 Avoid caffeine/alcoholExercise regularly
Sleep 7-8 hours per nightStay hydrated
Intake vitamins B,C,D,EOmega-3 (flax seeds, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds)
Practice breathing exercisesOmega-6 fatty (eggs, nuts and poultry)
Eat a balanced nutritious dietYoga and meditation


  • Hormone replacement therapy was considered appropriate to treat this fundamental imbalance but due to its link to the breast and ovarian cancer, along with heart disease and blood clots, healthcare professionals started rethinking to combine a few changes in lifestyle with alternative treatment options.
  • Sujok Therapy is very helpful in maintaining and curing the any type of Hormonal imbalance through Six Ki, Triorigin, Twist Therapy, Chakra Energy System and Diamond Energy System etc. The treatment depends upon person to person and symptoms. Our Smile Sujok Healthcare Centre can be contacted for further details and treatment.