Smile Yog

Mahrishi Patanjali defines Yog as “chittavriti nirrodha”. He propagated 8-step yog called “Ashtang Yog”. 1) Yama, 2) Niyam, 3) Asana, 4) Pranayama, 5) Pratyahara, 6) Dharna, 7) Meditation, 8) Samadhi. The first sequence leads to next one. If one want to enter the “Samadhi” state, one must follow the tenants of each step, one can’t achieve the next without following the previous step.

            Triorigin Smile Yoga was developed by Prof. Park Jae Woo based on Triorigin Theory. Smile Yoga has four components:

  1. Lying Smile Yoga – No Type
  2. Body Smile Yoga – He type
  3. Sitting Smile Yoga – Ho Type
  4. Moving Yoga (Taiji style) – Ne Type

            The purpose of Smile Yoga is to prepare the body for say-to-day activities in a more harmonized manner in alignment with Triorigin forces. Each step involves twist motions of arms/legs/body parts to activate the life force i.e. spiral energy in each component of human being. This process will ensure perfect health and you will be ready to go into Smile Meditation very easily.