Cough and Cold

Sneezing is your body’s reaction to remove irritants from your nose or throat. Sneeze is a powerful and involuntary action to throw air out of body often suddenly and without warning. During breathing, the nose traps dirt particles and bacteria in mucus membrane of nose. This may irritate the sensitive mucous membrane in nose and throat resulting into sneeze. Sneezing is triggered among others by:
* allergens
* viruses, such as the common cold or flu
* nasal irritants
* inhalation of corticosteroids through a nasal spray
* drug withdrawal
* The exposure to cold is common among the children and adult alike.
The immune system of the body fights this invasion by throwing out the dirt etc. out of body through sneezing. This results into running nose and sometimes continuous sneezing especially during morning and evening. The conditions worsens with change of weather. Antibiotics will cure these conditions temporarily only to reoccur after few hours. 


The purpose of Sujok treatment is to reduce the effect of cold and allergens. Hence, enhancement of the immune system is the answer for this condition. To improve the immune system, we can put orange or red color on basic energy points on our hand as shown in figure and to improve the cold and sneezing, sedate UB and tonify SC with red color to have immediate effect as shown in figures.