Dehradun Sujok Festival 2021

Smile Sujok Foundation celebrated “Dehradun Sujok Festival 2021” on 14 April 2021 at Hotel Viceroy Inn, Dehradun. Sh. Subodh Uniyal, Hon. Minister of Agriculture, Uttarakhand inaugurated the Festival in the presence of Sh. Vinod Chamoli, MLA, Sh. Sunil Uniyal Gamma and other dignitories. Dr. Subhash Chaudhary gave the introductory speech about SSF and its activities and Prof. Jugal Chahal introduced the Sujok to the audiences and its efficacies. The audiences were addressed by Sh. Subodh Uniyal, Sh. Vinod Chamoli and Brig. Subhash Panwar who gave valuable guidance for functioning of Smile Sujok Foundation.. Around 100 participants were present in the festival. We are thankful to Smt. Mamta Singh for outstanding performance in managing the stage and all other Sujok Therapists who were instrumental for the grand success of the festival. The success of the festival was due to the active support and presence of Sujok Therapists, our patients and others. We are thankful to one and all for making it a grand occasion.