The kidneys are important and critical in keeping the body healthy by cleaning the blood. The 2 million nephrons in Kidney filter and process 3 to 4 liters of blood approximately every 5 minutes. Diseases of kidney are due to the build-up of waste products and excess fluid in the body, which may cause weakness, lethargy, swelling in feet, puffiness around the eyes, fatigue, dry itchy skin etc.

  • Protein or blood in the urine

In many, but not all, types of kidney disease, kidney damage may results in leakages in tiny glomerular filters. These leaks allow protein and red blood cells to spill into the urine which are otherwise normally kept in the bloodstream.

  • Kidney Function Tests

A routine blood tests includes a BUN (blood urea nitrogen) and a creatinine. In kidney disease, they are excreted in low quantities, so the amounts in the blood increase.

  • Edema or swelling

Edema or swelling especially of the feet, lower legs, and sometimes the face and hands is a sign of fluid retention. Symptoms of a urinary tract infection, burning sensation on urination, frequency and urgency for urination, bloody or cloudy urine.

  • Acute Kidney Failure due to use of:

Symptoms of kidney failure:

WeaknessLethargy and Fatigue
Shortness of breathCongestive heart failure
Generalized swellingMetabolic acidosis
Generalized weakness due to anemiaHigh blood potassium (hyperkalemia)
Loss of appetitelow calcium (hypocalcemia)


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