Smile Health Village

  • A unique Smile Health Village in the World extending services of Sujok Therapy treatments along with nature cure for treatment of body, Mind, Soul and Spirit. 
  • Health packages are residential based only wherein all daily needs of the individual are taken care of by health experts.
  • The Smile Health Village is situated amidst the natural woods with serene and calm surrounding, suiting to calm your nerves.
  • Pyramid Huts with attached neat and clean hygienic modern bathrooms have been established in calm, quite natural jungle atmosphere. These huts have been constructed with mud and stone keeping in view the design of the Pyramid structure which is a source of immense Cosmic Energy.
  • You start feeling energetic instantly on entering the Hut, thereby natural healing starts. In fact, healing starts naturally on entering the “SMILE ZONE” and energy impacts on your body, mind and soul health can be experienced immediately.
  • We have huge area amidst natural jungle where we get the medicinal herbs and herbal mud for treatment.
  • Sujok Therapy, Twist Therapy for specific ailment as per need of individual.
  • Panchakarma is a method of cleansing the body of all the toxic wastes. It is unique in the sense being preventive and curative in nature for various diseases. Panch Karmas like, Mud Therapy, Aromatic Oil Therapy, Hydro Therapy, Sauna Bath, Massage and Rejuvenation Therapy etc. which are need based as per the individual energy constitution.