Law of Similarity

Law of similarity is based on “Law of Resonance” which states that similar things responds to each other without any loss of time and space, for example conversation among the people is possible due to common language only, if medium of language is different, the conversation cannot be established. Let us examine whether there is a common language between my hands/feet and my body or vice-versa. This commonality appears to be the similarity of my hands/feet to the body. Similarities of Hands and Feet to the Body are very clear in the following manner:

  1. Six regions of the body and hand: two legs, two arms and neck-head are joined to the Trunk, similarly, four fingers and thumb are connected to palm.
  2. Joints and segments in protruding parts: three joints in legs and arms and one joint in neck and head, similarly, all fingers have three joints and segments and thumb has only two segments.
  3. Direction of protruding parts: Legs and arms are directed towards earth and neck and head is directed towards sky, similarly all fingers are pointing towards earth and thumb in upper direction in upright position.
  4. Level of protruding parts: Legs are positioned at lower level, arms are positions at middle level while neck and head is position at higher level, similarly 3rd and fourth fingers are positions lower than 2nd and fifth fingers in palm and like head thumb is positions above.
  5. Thumb is head: Brain is located in the head and controls all the functions of the body, similarly thumb can control the functions of the hand in more effective manner compared to other parts of hand. Thus, “Thumb is Head.” ….. and many more.

These similarities can’t be mere coincidents but the design of the Creator to give us a message that our hands and feet can also be used for maintaining our health in a natural way.