Arthritis is the medical condition that causes swelling in the joints, causing pain and stiffness that can worsen with age. Rheumatic Arthritis is an Auto Immune disorder. This leads to pain and stiffness in all joints resulting into less or no mobility.

Different types of arthritis exist, each with different causes including wear and tear, infections and underlying diseases. However, the causes of most types are unknown.

Symptoms include pain, swelling, reduced range of motion and stiffness. Medication, physiotherapy or sometimes surgery helps reduce symptoms and improve quality of life.Many of the studies focus on new methods of treatment or new medication products on the market to help those who suffer from this debilitating condition.


The problem with drugs is that they often treat the symptoms and not the cause of arthritis. Doctors aim at reducing the pain and relaxing the muscles. The side effects of these drugs may be worse than the pain you are trying to treat. Sujok treatment at Six Ki and Triorigin level for arthritis involves immediate pain relief and making your autoimmune system so strong that it starts fighting the root cause of Arthritis and cure is possible.