Heart disorders

Heart problems are symptomatic in nature and differ from person to person, depending on heart condition.

  1. Coronary Artery Disease (Angina pain):

The commonest disease of the heart is the Angina pain. The Pain could also extend to one’s shoulders, upper part of the body including one’s neck, throat or jaw shoulders, and arms.


Feeling of heaviness in the chestFeeling of giddiness/dizziness
Blood pressure shooting up;Weakness, Nausea
Pain in the chestExcessive perspiration
Feeling of burning like acidity in the chestHeart beating faster than usual
Difficult to breatheHigh pulse rate


b)     Heart Attack (myocardial infarction):

This is also known as silent heart attack. The symptoms are somewhat similar to angina pain as: 

throbbing and unbearable painSweating profusely
Difficulty in breathingHigh pulse rate
Giddiness or drowsinessExtreme fatigue
Nausea feelingexcess weight


c)     Arrhythmias:  The symptoms may be all or few and may differ from person to person:

Increased Palpitations;Not able to breathe properly;
heart beats faster;Strange feeling of tiredness;
Hammering heart;Atrial Fibrillation;
Feeling of giddiness;Tiredness and Drowsiness;
Nausea;Inability to breathe


d)     Heart Valve Disease symptoms:

Not able to breathe properly or feeling of breathlessnessBloated feeling in the abdomen in case of heart failure
NauseaPuffiness of ankles, arms and legs
Feeling of vomitingBloated feeling around the belly
Drowsinessquick gain in the weight
Chest painRegurgitation


This is a general prescription for heart diseases but the diagnosis and treatment will be specific to problem, even the persons with apparently same disease may need different Sujok treatment based on their individual body energy system. The treatment by Sujok Six Ki, Triorigin and Twist Therapy have been proved a boon in these conditions.