Tri Origin Theory

For the long time, the science was being developed under the influence of Polarity concepts of Yin and Yang. But it is a fact that we live in “three dimensional” world. Time consists of past, present, future and there is twilight between day and night. Substances are be acid, alkaline, neutral. Therefore, these two forces were unable to explain the existence of this Universe. Prof Pak Jae Woo has discovered a third force called “Neutro Force.” Thus the “Triorigin Theory” came to existence with distinct qualities of each force.

            Creation of this universe is also governed by Triorigin Theory. Initially, there was nothing but space, we can call it “Shoonay” i.e. “Zero” state. But this “Zero” being omnipresent has all the ingredients to create this universe. It was the intention of the Creator to create this word out of nothing and ……

            Hetero force came out first in this world from the Zero world (Neuto Force). It is one dimensional force and strives to create, change everything, to make it more diverse and complicated. But the intention of the Creator could not be fulfilled due to inherent change instinct of Hetero force.

            Homo force followed the Hetero force with a mandate to contain its actions. It seeks to maintain everything constant, unchanged and invariable. Homo dislike options and distinctions and try to make all things alike. It is two dimensional force. Similarity emerges due to the willingness of the Homo force to preserve immutability. These two forces are present in each and every phenomenon and happenings in this universe and act opposite to each other but are also complementary to each other. One cannot exist without the other.

            Due to conflict between Hetero and Homo forces, the intention of the Creator to create this world could not be fulfilled, therefore, the Creator sent the third force as “Neutro” force which is a force of balance, harmony, dynamic equilibrium and union. The Neutro force being the three dimensional force was able establish the harmony among Hetero and Homo force and thus, these three forces – Homo-Hetero-Neutro under the influence of Neuto force, established the perfect order in this Universe for all existences whether animate or inanimate making “TRIORIGIN” a fundamental law of existence in this world.