Immune System

  1. Preventive treatment by Sujok Therapy

Prevention is better than cure so that attack by any virus or bacteria is not possible and your immune system will take care of any invasion by any foreign matter in the body. This is the basic premise for prevention of any disease. Sujok Therapy not only aims at enhancing the immunity but also is very effecting in arresting the spread of disease and possibly a cure.

Purpose:      1. Strengthening the Defense System (integumentary tissues of the     respiratory system, Large Intestine and Spleen)

2.  Strengthening the Innate Immunity system.

Nutrition:  Intake of foods rich in zinc, vitamin C and D, the Amino acid is must. Exclude all cold and non-plant based foods.

  1. Correspondence System:

• Basic energy Points of hands and feet – Moxibution, red or orange color, red and bitter taste seeds, pepper patch or aconite / red pepper plaster.

• Correspondence areas of the Lungs and Large Intestines with brown color and Kidneys with black (control the bone marrow, where innate immunity cells resides: macrophages (Large white blood cells) and natural killer cells);

• Correspondence areas of the sternum and pelvic bones with Red color (bone marrow) in Standard System, Insect System and Mini System.

  • Six Ki Treatment:

 • There is a lack of branch Dryness in the large intestine meridian. Therefore, Tonification of Dryness of Large Intestine once in 3 days with needles/apple seeds.

  • Emotional treatment: Continuously living in stress, anxiety and fear will just invite many other diseases, so as to elevate hormones and level of happiness, Sedation of fear is the key to happiness. 

• Tonification of the unified Um Wind Chakras (Anahata) and sedation of the branch Coldness in Um Wind Chakra on alternate days.

• Sedation of branch Heat in Coldness Chakra as per axial relationship.

  1. Triorigin Treatment:  
  2. Harmonisation of Spiral net energy of body:

To enhance the potentialities of the body i.e. immune system of body for self-renewal, it will be proper to tonify Neutro Points of the Neutro Joints of all the fingers.

•    Strengthening Innate Immunity:

Body (Ho) – Functional systems (He) –  Systems in abdominal cavity (Ne) – Immune system (Ne) – Innate immunity (No) – ↑ He, ↓ Ho, ↑ Ne,  ┴ No point of Thumb.