The reason for development of Jaundice is increase of level of the pigment bilirubin, a by-product of the natural process of break-down and destruction of RBC. Jaundice develops due to abnormal metabolism due to:

1. A rapid increase in the break-down and destruction rate of RBC, resulting in more production of bilirubin and inability of the liver to excrete excess bilirubin in bile.

2. Obstruction in Common Bile Duct.


  • Yellow coloration of eyes, skin, tongue, mucous membranes and urine.
  • Low appetite, excessive weakness and dull pain in liver,
  • Nausea, constipation, headache and fever.

The causes of jaundice:

Malaria, thalassemia, yellow fever, tuberculosis etc. Hepatitis, cirrhosis, cancer of Liver, Gilbert’s syndrome etc.
Glucose phosphate dehydrogenates deficiency.Gall stones, cancer, parasites etc. starts obstructing the bile duct.
Hemolytic anemia, Sickle cell crisis,Conditions of pancreatitis, cholangitis etc.
Autoimmune disorders.Congenital malformations of bile duct.
Certain drugs, Toxins.  Strictures of bile duct.


Sujok Therapy is a good alternative for curing Jaundice within a short span of time by balancing the energy of liver by six Ki. Sedation of Humidity and Heat in energy structure of liver. For further details and patient specific treatment of jaundice, contact our Smile Sujok Healthcare Centre.