Sujok Therapy

Sujok Therapy was invented by Prof. Park Jae Woo, who was Philosopher and Scientist from South Korea. Sujok Therapy as a part of “Onnuri Medicine” is a system of treatment comprising of variety of techniques to prevent and cure the illness and restore health without any medicines or drugs.  This has been achieved due to wonderful resemblance of the hands and feet to the body in their structure and functions, thereby permitting the correspondence system to be regarded as most perfect health systems for treatment based on the principles of similarities of hands and feet to the body.

            Knowing correspondence system ofhands and feet, you have a chance to help yourself and your family in maintaining the perfect health.  Each of us has four little clinics gifted by nature in the form of two hands and two feet where the complete correspondence system of human body is embedded. The similarity of hands and feet to the human body carries the divine intention to use these correspondence systems for prevention and treatment of ailments by stimulating the targeted corresponding points of body organs/parts. This correspondence of hands and feet will considerably promote the transition of first medical aid to a new level of complete cure of all diseases.  As a result, everyone will have faster and better effects in treating the diseases so as to concentrate on enhancing the efficiency and quality of one’s life. 

            Natural stimulation of correspondence system of hands and feet during normal day to day work is responsible for maintaining our health.  When natural stimulation is insufficient, we tend to fall sick, but we can really help ourselves consciously using this wonderful correspondence system of our hands and feet.


The above dictum is truly demonstrated in treatment of all diseases by Sujok Therapy in hands and feet through balancing the energies of “Five Elements” i.e. “Panch Tatva”. One can cure any disease by stimulating the sensitive points on your hands and feet and balance the energy of respective Tatva in the body.

Sujok Therapy is a True Holistic Medical Science

As we know that Human Beings are not only a mere physical entity but also has Metaphysical aspects like body will not respond unless it is guided by Mind, Soul and Spirit. Modern medical science considers human body as a machine and developed a number of tools to address this physical aspect of the human being whereas other therapies like Rieki, Pranic Healing etc. works at energy level and take care of metaphysical aspect of our being. But Sujok Therapy is able to handle physical as well as metaphysical aspects of human being, thus providing a wider platform to address all the health issues either at physical level or metaphysical level. Thus, Sujok Therapy is able to cure all diseases whether afflicting our body, mind or existence itself, making it a true holistic medical science.