Smile Meditation

There are number of methods for Meditation. Smile Meditation is one of the most appropriate method of meditation. The basic purpose of Meditation is to connect with our ORIGIN. Smile Meditation is very simple to follow, easy and quick method to achieve Eternal Consciousness within shortest possible time. Smile Meditation is not only a method to achieve eternity but also to achieve perfect health which is the ultimate aim to enjoy in this world. Smile Meditation is based on Triorigin Principles in its essence and methodology. According to Triorigin Theory, a human being is composed of not only physical body but also metaphysical aspect of being live.

Hence, to achieve Smile Origin Consciousness, Triorigin Theory provides for step Smile Meditation:

  1. Body Smile Meditation
  2. Mind Smile Meditation
  3. Soul Smile Meditation
  4. Life Smile Meditation

To achieve Eternal Smile Consciousness, our body poses a great hindrance. If there is pain or discomfort in any organ or/body part of the body, our mind will be stuck up at that organ/body and transition to metaphysical aspects will not be possible. To achieve physical perfect harmony and health, Prof. Park Jae Woo has developed Twist Therapy and Triorigin Twist Gymnastic. So pain free and healthy condition is the first requisite for achieving the Smile Origin, the source of all beings. We also smilize each body part and each organ during the First step of Body Smile Meditation, then we shift to second stage Mind Smile Meditation to Soul Smile Medtation and finally achieve the Eternal Smile Origin Consciousness.