The basic and inherent emotional disorders are Anger, Joy, Happiness, Anxiety, Sadness and Fear. The symptoms associated with basic emotions are:

Physical SymptomsCognitive Symptoms
Irregular eating habit Erratic memory, Selective amnesia
Abnormal sleep (less or excessive)Difficulty making decisions
Sexual dysfunctionDecreased ability to concentrate
Low energyFeeling distracted
Chronic, unexplained painADHD symptoms, Amnesia
Compulsive and obsessive behaviorsIntrusive thoughts
AnxietyFlashbacks or nightmares
Panic attacksSudden onset of emotions
FearfulnessEmotional Numbing and Avoidance
Depression, spontaneous crying, despair and hopelessnessAvoidance of situations resembling the initial event
Feeling out of controldetachment from self and reality
Irritability, anger and resentmentguilt feelings


Sujok Therapy offers a very reliable method of treatment for all kinds of emotional disturbances like excessive fear, anger, addictions, phobias etc. Sujok Therapy aims at reducing the effect of trauma by balancing the energy system of brain by giving the treatment at emotional as well as reason level at EFT, Six Ki and Triorigin level. Fear is considered the birth of all other emotions. One may contact our Smile Sujok Centre for further details and treatment.